The Sound of Silence

Wow, it's been a long time since I wrote the last post.
I'm not proud of it. I had great intentions of being at least a semi-prolific blog poster when I started this blog...but who was I kidding?

It's not just my blog posts that suffered over the holidays. I didn't make much progress on editing my novel, either. I don't know what was wrong with me...if I was too busy stressing about money or contemplating the fact that I'm about to turn 40...or if I had a major bout with the infamous writer's block.
Oh, I was also sick for about a week or so. That didn't have a huge impact on my writing neglect, but it felt right to mention it.

I think I'm getting back normal, though...as you probably already figured out by the fact that I'm even writing this post. I am inching closer to finishing my 25th chapter...the last before I do a few more run-throughs and polish everything up...check the grammar & spelling...check the flow...make sure everything makes sense when it needs to. I have four beta readers who will get the finished copy...2 at the lower end of my target audience range, and 2 at the higher end (my age). ;o)
While they're reading, I'll be taking notes and letting my hard-ass editor of a husband do his thing, but I'll also be readying my query letter and sending it out.

I'm about to be really busy, which sucks (npi) because Vampire Diaries & American Idol are back on...but I do have my priorities.
And a DVR.

I may post excerpts from Solitary Sky at some point...but I'm still not sure if it's cool to do that as an unpublished author hoping to get the excerpted work published.
If you're reading this and have any words of advice on that, please feel free to share in the comments. =)