Name Blame

Shannon Taylor Hodnett is my real name...Taylor is actually my maiden name, though...not my middle name.  My middle name is Renee...Shannon Renee Taylor Hodnett. =)

So how did I get from there to "Shanona Writer"?  In seventh grade Spanish class, the teacher wanted us to use the Spanish version of our names. Shannon doesn't exactly have a Spanish's about the most Irish name in existence.   So my teacher guessed at what my name might sound like in Spanish and dubbed me "Shanona".  

When I got married and told my husband, Jeff, this fascinating story, he found it quite amusing.  He comes from South Texas, way down by the border of  Mexico.  He learned all kinds of Spanish growing up down there...basic conversational and the more colorful expressions.  He assured me that "Shanona" was not the official Spanish translation of the name Shannon.  (El Rio Shanona? lol)
Nevertheless, he decided it would be cute to call me Shanona as a sweet little husband-to-wife nickname...that morphed into "Shanona Ryder" in honor of the illustrious actress of our generation, Winona Ryder.

I used the nickname on my regular blog, but when I started my writing blog I changed it to "Shanona Writer".....y'see what I did there?! ;o) lol

So now you know.
I'm neither a split-personality...nor trying to confuse you all.
I'm just named after a Spanish-Irish river actress who writes books. =)

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