Solitary Sky ~ On Sale Now!

Solitary Sky is available in paperback from amazon.com or my e-store! =D

The Kindle version is coming soon, also an e-book version on Barnes&Noble.com.  =)

I'm planning some fun giveaways on my website, ShannonTaylorHodnett.com ...stay tuned there to see what you could win and to keep updated on all things Solitary Sky! ;o)



Waiting for Proof

Well, I've finally finished all editing for Solitary Sky.  Truthfully, I could go back and change little stuff, rearrange sentences, add, chop, and more ad infinitum...but I had to cut myself off.  I had to be firm and remind myself it will never be perfect and I don't want to spend the rest of my life editing.  (O.O)

Tuesday of next week I will get my proof copy and if all is well, SolSky will be released mid to late next week. If I have to make changes (god forbid) and send it back there will be more of a delay.  Obviously Tuesday I will be able to give more specific info. ;o)

The whole process of writing this book...finishing it and going through all the details of getting it published has been such a crazy experience for me.  Crazy because it has encompassed so many different emotions from the highest highs to the lowest lows.  It's been a real education not just in the literal sense, but also in the discovery of who I am here at the beginning of my 5th decade of life...as well as who I was always meant to be.

The journey is of course ongoing, but I'm taking what I've learned with me...and hoping the crazy ride never stops. =)