Finding Now

Finding Now

Your hands cross the ocean of my skin
searching its depths
not needing breath

My fingers wander your fields and valleys
grass tickling their tips
your name heavy on my lips

You set your sun on my horizon
taking me into night
depriving me of your light

The moon guides my way down your path 
leaving a trail of stars
to remind me where you are

We exist merely in snapshots of time
strung together somehow
finding our way to now



He Waits

shadows stretched by lamplight
in stillness he watches
you walk faster, 
but not sure where
look behind you
you're the only one there
walking faster,
he hears your broken breath
and smiles
this game is his
you are the prize
running now, 
don't you know it's too late?
for wherever you go
...he awaits




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