Super Cool Contest...Hurry!

I'm getting in on this kinda late, but Shelley Watters is having a mega epic contest to celebrate all of her blog & Twitter followers:

The grand prize for this contest is a FULL MANUSCRIPT REQUEST from literary agent Suzie Townsend of Fine print Managenment...how amazing is that?! =D

All you have to do is craft a logline for your manuscript in 140 characters or less and submit it to Shelley's website:

More info & specific rules are listed there...and you have just a few hours to submit...like me! ;o)
I've been crafting my logline for about a week now...but just got up the nerve to actually post it:

"Lilah leaves home and meets the literal guy of her dreams, but his family secret soon threatens their newfound relationship...and her life."

Wish me luck! =)
I wish good luck to all those who enter...and give huge thanks to Shelley for the awesome contest & to Suzie for judging & offering such a valuable prize! =)


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