Welcome to August! ;o)
This could possibly be one of the busiest months of my life. I have a LOT to get done before the release of Solitary Sky in September! It's all fun and all exciting...but I'm doing it ALL myself. (no, I'm not crazy...I think...or am I?)

...is the scheduled release date. Starting tomorrow (Tuesday, 8-2) I will post the first chapter, and follow it up with the second & third chapters on Wednesday & Thursday. =)
Here's the back cover copy so you have an idea what Solitary Sky is all about:

"Leaving home wasn't a hard decision for Lilah to make. It was either move to Gentian and spend her senior year with her grandma who talked to dogs...or stay at home with her insufferable mother who dated them.
300 miles later, Lilah barely had time to unpack before she met Hunterthe literal guy of her dreams. She knew better than to fall in love, but she couldn't deny the attraction to himeven after she discovered he and his brothers were only half human...and half wolf.
Lilah was soon caught up in the strange new world that was now her ownand unaware that a darker secret remained hidden, threatening to destroy her new-found happiness...and her life."

I welcome your feedback on these chapters (and the back flap, too)...actually, I encourage it...okay, who am I kidding, I'm begging for it! ;o)
Comment and let me know what you think, + or - ...don't hold back ! ;o)

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