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I love book trailers......and movie trailers. Sometimes I like them even more than the actual book or movie, but that's not where this post is going.  Over the past year or so I have looked at maybe hundreds of book trailers, before and after the making of my own.  Some were remarkably well-done......others were remarkably, well......unremarkable.  And there were a few that were outstandingly bad, to the point where I began to think it might be on purpose for comical effect. ;o)

This was not a surprise to me as the books they represent run the same gamut......but no matter their quality (or lack thereof), they mostly kept with a similar format:  pictures and/or video, words across the screen, and mood music all put together in various, creative ways.  Some had narration, but not many--narration is a hard thing to pull off well.  And then there were the ones that bucked the book trailer norm...... movie-like trailers by authors with a big publishing house behind them, or plenty of $$$ to put into their production. They were amazing 〜 animation and live-action......actors & actresses......memorized lines & plenty of drama.  It was like watching a mini-movie, but without a conclusion.  I have to admit that one of them did get me so intrigued I actually felt like I had to rush out and get the book......so I did. =)

I have to say, though......there was one tiny thing that bothered me as I watched the really well-done mini-movies. They didn't feel like book trailers......they felt more like movie trailers.  They left me wanting to see the movie more than read the book.  Also, the typical book trailer leaves a lot of work for your imagination......with these types of trailers, it's all laid out for you.  It's like watching the movie before reading the book (which I don't mind doing, but I know a lot of people do).

From a creative standpoint, I enjoyed the challenge of representing my story through pictures, video clips, music, and limited wording.  It definitely was a challenge, but I enjoyed every second......and fraction of a second of it. ;o) If I had a huge budget, I don't think I would've gone the mini-movie route. The only thing I might've done with a larger budget is hire a male lead for pics & video......and maybe make a few more videos...they really are fun to do. =)

I don't want to give the impression that I don't like them.  They are hard not to like and usually pretty impressive.  I guess I'm coming off with a purist-sounding attitude with regard to book trailers......but I can't help it.  It's partly a visceral reaction for me......and I know it's all subjective......progress and whatnot. ;o)
That's why I want to know what everyone else thinks.  Is it just me?  Do you get a different reaction from seeing a movie-like trailer versus one made in the more standard format?  List three reasons why or why not in paragraph form......or you could just comment.

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  1. I love watching film trailers but not book. They are mostly made by fans at it almost always looks like I don't even know what to compare it with. Well they often look not very cool.

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