2013…A Goal Odyssey

It's here…January 2013.
Still kind of feels like the future, but the future has arrived.
We survived yet another apocalypse AND the holidays.
Now all we have left is to figure out what we want to do over the next year.

...and then DO it.

I am the worst at making New Year's resolutions.  Actually I'm not so bad at making them…I really suck at keeping them.  It just seems so cliche…make your resolutions in January and break them all by spring…blah, blah, blah.  Seriously, why bother?
A year is fairly long-term…allowing more time for us to give up on our resolutions.  I think we should start setting shorter terms for those resolutions.  And maybe call them goals instead of resolutions.  It sounds less gimmicky that way…or at least it feels like less pressure.

Yeah, the goals should probably be more specific than that. They should be specific and quantifiable…no general terms…we don't just need direction, we need a destination or we're setting ourselves up for failure.  But sometimes even so-called failures can turn out to be better than we thought.  Think of all those times in your life you were devastated because something didn't work out the way you planned…then think of all the wonderful things that came into your life because it took that turn you weren't expecting.  Call it a blessing in disguise, an unanswered prayer, fate…whatever you want.  Just don't be so quick to mark down a failure on your list of goals for this year just because you didn't get where you thought you'd be.  If your goal was writing 300 pages, but you only wrote 100, that's not failure.
You wrote 100 PAGES! =)
It's not nothing…it's progress…it's success.

I read an article recently by Dean Wesley Smith that expands on this thought and is very inspiring…you can read it here.

So make your goals and I'll make mine…we'll make them reasonable…we'll make them specific…and I just might post mine here.  But only if I put it as one of the goals on my list…otherwise I'll probably procrastinate. ;o)

I hope y'all had a great time over the holidays…and I wish the best for you in the new year!

Oh, and Happy Easter!



  1. yeah my New Year resolutions work out rarely, too. So you're not the only one like that. I think it's better to make them like goals. It's like something more real.

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