I have a lot of dialogue in my story and I worry that some of it might be unnecessary. As I go through my revision, that is something I want to pay special attention to. I think I need more description and a bit less dialogue.
I found this helpful---it's from "Dialogue" by Gloria Kempton, part of the Write Great Fiction series:

"Set up your characters in an animated discussion scene that does any one of a number of things:

---provides new information to the characters about the conflict
---reveals new obstacles that the viewpoint character must overcome to achieve his goal
---creates the kind of dynamic between the scene characters that furthers the story's theme
---introduces a pivotal moment in the plot that transforms the character(s)
---sets up the discussion so the character (and reader) are reminded of his scene and story goals, and/or accelerates the emotion and story movement to increase the suspense and make the situation more urgent for the characters."

Off to revise! ;)

paxamo Y,


  1. Great info! I have ooooodles of revision to do once I am done writing this story. I am sure it will take me twice as long to revise at it did to write. Thanks for the info! :o)

  2. You're welcome! =) I love revising, but it is definitely taking longer than I thought it would---and it's harder than I thought, too. =P
    Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever be finished since I keep finding stuff I want to change!