I'm a Writer?

I've been writing pretty much my whole life---poems about bugs at age 4, school newspaper articles in high school, and a nearly consistent journal throughout my adult years. When I was in my early twenties, I wrote and submitted three primary childrens' books: Bo-Bo Bunny's Busy Day, Sammy the Snake (not mafia-related!), and an alliterative ABC book.

I expected to get rejection letters and wasn't disappointed.

I eventually gave up on any dreams of getting published as I got busy with my life---a new marriage, a baby boy, and various health issues.

Now, as I'm nearing 40, I find that my passion for writing has returned stronger than ever.
I'm ready to venture into those waters once again...to finally make my distant dreams of getting published come true. =)

This blog will be my effort to chronicle the writing world as I see it, and share my journey as I take it.

No matter where it leads...


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