(insert title here)

I have a storyline.
I have 75,000 words.
I have plot lines for a second and third sequel.

What I don't have yet is a title.

I am frustrated. Even though I know my characters and their motivations, the voice, the underlying theme, and everything else I could possibly know about my book, I still haven't been struck with inspiration or an "Aha!" moment for my title.

That's not to say that I haven't come up with any. Jeff and I have come up with quite a few...it's just that they either don't fit or are uber cheesy. =P

Yes, I'm a very cheesy person IRL, but my books are a cheese-free zone...strictly vegan! ;o)

I wish there was some sort of title generator out there where you just feed in your manuscript and out pops a perfect title. Short of that little fantasy, guess I'll just have to wait until my brain thinks one up.



  1. This is tough for me, too. Either I have a brilliant idea or zilch. Keep trying!

  2. Thanks! I keep telling myself it shouldn't be this hard to come up with a title...and if I'm ever lucky enough to get published, it'll probably change anyway! =P
    Still, I obssess. ;o)

  3. I know how you feel. When I start writing something, I usually have a one word place holder, which has been as uninspired as "Story." Sad, right? But anyway. Maybe you should read through your favorite books and see if there's a phrase that pops out at you. I once came up with a title based off something someone said in on television. Keep looking!

  4. That's a great idea...thanks! =) I think I just put too many expectations on my title...which will probably end up changing anyway. =P So I should focus on coming up with something a lot more simple and less frustration-inducing! ;o)

    BTW, thanks to you & Lisa for the follow! <3

  5. Did you have a playlist while writing your novel? Sometimes phrases from songs represent my story exactly. I've pulled two titles that way.

  6. Yes, I have a *huge* playlist for my novel! =)
    I'll look through the lyrics today and see if something clicks.
    Thanks for the great idea...and the follow! ;o)