OCED (obssessive-compulsive editing disorder)

This is something I can definitely relate to...especially now when I feel like I'm all over the place with my revisions...reviewing chapter 4 with my crit partner, revising chapter 23, adding scenes in chapter 18 and random other places throughout the book!

The only thing that keeps me going through the craziness and ever-increasing sleep deficeit is the fact that when everything is said and done, I'll have a book that I'm proud of...one I would want to read even if I hadn't written it...and a huge accomplishment made. =)



  1. Love your cartoon. Hang in there! Editing is where the deep magic happens.

    Savor the process. While you're clarifying unclear sentences look into the shadows of your story, where cool stuff lurks. Hunt for symbols, opportunities to bring out theme, chances to 'up' the emotions, discover awesome metaphors that are unique to your set of characters.

    Have fun!

  2. Thanks! =)

    The symbolism and connections I've discovered through the editing process are so cool!

    That is why I write. =)