Progress Report

No, I have not been ignoring my blog for the past 2 weeks...well, not intentionally anyway. ;o)

I have been working like crazy to try and get this formatting done...also final editing as I go along, which is what's taking so long.  I had no idea it would be such a long process. =P    Actually it hasn't been that long...for at least 10 of those days I was ill so nothing got done on those days...still, I'm finding that 10 pages can take me 10 hours to finish...and there are over 300 pages. =P


Still, I'm feeling much better now (knocking on wood) and I'm working my as--butt off to get all the formatting finished this weekend ...I'm already near 200, so I hold out high hopes! =)  
Also hope to finish the cover this weekend...I'll post it here as soon as I'm done. 

So around the middle of next week I'll post with more specific info on the release date...see you then! ;o) xoxo



  1. Congratulations on getting so much work done. Finding the time for everything we need and want to do (such as blogging....) is a challenge of immense proportions. That's also why I blog only once every ten days or so. Time is not on our side :-)

  2. Thank you...it is definitely a struggle to balance everything...I don't think I've managed to do it yet! =P
    But I'll keep trying. ;o) xox

  3. Hope you're getting everything done. It can all be overwhelming at times.

  4. Thank you...slowly, but surely things are coming together. =) xoxo