Release Date, TBA

Well, today was supposed to be the day that Solitary Sky would be released, but unfortunately it's not happening. =P
The release is still going to happen...and still in September...but it has been delayed just a little.

Formatting issues along with being ill for over a week now has held things back a bit...but it's life, this is what happens.  To be honest, I kind of expected this would happen.  In the back of my mind when I announced the book was set to be released 9-10-11, I sort of thought in my head "tentatively"...I think I even actually said tentatively at some point.  But I am feeling better now (knock on wood) and I'm very eager to make the release announcement as soon as possible.  I'm actually very close to being ready...I will post updates on my progress here and on twitter and I'll be able to give a definite release date soon...maybe sometime this week.  =)



  1. Dude story of my life,I had a bunch of stuff come up before I had a release and finally I decided I'd tell people about it right before it happened. Good luck dear! Let me know if you need anything =)

  2. Life is crazy like that...why do I ever plan anything?! lol
    Thanks, Angela...good luck to you, too--and I'm available as well if you ever need anything...well, maybe in a week or two, anyway! ;o) xoxoxo

  3. Hello Shanona! I have been visiting your blog.Very understandable , simple and elegant. Congrats for your work. Thanks for sharing! Visit me too. I wish a excellent sunday for you, with very smiles and peace!

  4. Thank you so much for your kind words, Nelson! =)
    I'm glad you are enjoying the blog...I like yours, too and I'm now following. ;o) Have a wonderful Sunday and rest of the week...thanks for commenting! xox

  5. Thanks for joining the Insecure Writer's Support Group! Look forward to your post on October 5.

  6. Hello, I am a new follower. Thank you for stopping by!I wish you a wonderful new week. Greetings from Rio de Janeiro/Brasil!
    Nelson Souzza