Character Counts

Or more precisely, characters count. They're arguably the most important part of any story. Plots are great and everything, but even the greatest plot ever written won't shine with weak characters.

For a reader to get into a story - to be fully engaged - they must care about the characters.  They need to identify with them at some level, or at least sympathize.  If the reader couldn't care less about a protagonist, then not even the most masterfully crafted twists and turns will save the story.

For example - if I tell you about a young boy who stepped off a street curb to the cheers of those around him - you might say that sounds like it could be an interesting story. You might want to know why they cheered for the boy, but it's likely at this point you don't particularly care.

Then if I told you it was an adorable little 4-year-old blind boy who was stepping off the curb for the 1st time by himself, the story becomes more appealing and heartwarming because now you actually care about this boy and why he's stepping off the curb. ♥

Unless you're heartless......just kidding.......ok, not really. ;o)

So whether you're writing a story that's plot-driven or character-driven, pour your heart and soul into your characters......make them your best friends forever......fall madly in love with them so readers will, too. ツ

"I think books with weak or translucent plots can survive if the character being drawn along the path is rich, interesting and multi-faceted. The opposite is not true." 

~ Michael Connelly

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  1. I really love when the story has interesting well done characters. When it is really looks ike a living person. It makes story alive.

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