Finding & Keeping Focus

Writing is hard. Not the actual writing part...but being able to get focused and stay focused long enough to get the writing done. It's been a real problem for me lately. By nature I am very distract-able (note the excessive use of parentheticals). Some people (read: my husband) have said I might be slightly ADD, but that has never been officially diagnosed.

Just sitting here writing this post my focus has been lost to:
  • barking dogs
  • Facebook
  • The Real Housewives of OC
Writing, or any other work that involves a computer, puts your focus at a disadvantage. While you're writing on the computer you could get stuck...decide to do a quick check on your FB feed...see something you feel you must comment on...get stuck in an IM convo---focus derailed. Or you could be busily typing away...stop to look up a word...notice that you have 23 interactions on Twitter...check all 23---focus derailed. It's hard to be on the computer and not give into the urge to wander around the internets when your writing gets laggy. Maybe the only way to prevent this is to ...write by hand.

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My right hand just cramped at the thought of it. I know that some people do this, or even prefer it, but not me.
I ♥ my keyboard.

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The only thing I've ever found that gets me focused (besides coffee, of course) is music. I can write in complete silence, but listening to music...sometimes with lyrics, sometimes without...puts me in the right frame of mind for writing.  I use movie scores a lot because of their dramatic effect. For a fight scene...a romantic scene...a haunting scene, movie scores set the mood like nothing else.
Sometimes I like to listen to the same songs I played while writing my first book. Hearing them puts me right back in the moment...writing and re-writing. I even have them grouped into a playlist called "writing focus" because I know those songs will get me into writing mode. I'm actually listening to them right now.ツ  The only drawback to the playlist is during writing lulls I tend to break out into song. This is probably part of why I have my own little tucked away space where they send me to write...and yes, very loud singing is happening now as well......don't you wish this was a vlog? ツ

So what helps you focus? What helps you stay focused long enough to get into the groove (Madonna!) and let it flow from there? What gives you the strength to fight the lure of FB and Twitter? Is that even possible? 

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