Back Flap

I wrote a "back flap" summary for Solitary Sky...feel free to comment, but keep in mind I was on heavy pain meds when I wrote it! ;o)

Leaving home wasn't a hard decision for Lilah. She could spend her senior year in Gentian with her grandma who talked to dogs, or stay home with her mom who preferred dating them. Soon after shacking up with Gram, Lilah meets Hunter, the literal guy of her dreams. She can't stop herself from being attracted to him, even after she finds out he and his brothers are shapeshifting wolves. But a darker secret remains to be uncovered--one that threatens to destroy her newfound happiness...and her life.



  1. Sounds pretty darn good to me! :D Yay for meds! :-)

  2. Yeah, maybe I should start taking them on a regular basis...maybe not! lol
    Thanks so much for the nice comment...Solitary Sky will be coming out mid to late August! ;o)