Lovin' the Language Blogfest =)

I decided to join my first blogfest.

~Lovin' the Language Blogfest~

The rules:

Pick any 5 lines or any 5 SHORT excerpts from one of your WIPs.
If you're feeling shy and don't want to share form your own work, share from something you LOVE.

So here I go...if I mess it up, leave something out, or add too much, remember it's my first time--be gentle. ;o)

Excerpts from Solitary Sky:
  • Live music was typical for a Saturday night, but something about this singer's voice made me stop to listen. His words filled the room with a low, sweet tone that found its way through me like it knew where it was going.
  • The cluster of trees surrounding us stood watch in the ghostly light of the rising moon. Fear returned to me like a ocean tide as I pictured Val's crumpled body lying on the ground.
  • Guilt became a poison building in my blood and streaming through my veins until I wished I could throw up to purge the pain.
  • "Don't cry, Tehya...I'll still take pleasure in tasting every bite of your fragile human flesh." (Tohlos)
  • I forced each breath in and out of my lungs as anguish burned through me like wildfire--leaving nothing in its wake but cold, lifeless black.

There they are! My first blogfest experience has been interesting, but I enjoyed it...hope you did, too! ;o)