A Contest!

I will be posting the first 250 words of my book for an awesome contest which could result in the full manuscript being read by Victoria Marini, literary agent from Gelfman Scneider Literary Agency! =)

Details at shelleywatters.blogspot.com:


"To celebrate my birthday, I'm having another agent-judged first page contest! Rather than celebrate me getting a year older, I thought I'd pay it forward and give you guys another chance to get your work in front of an amazing agent.And who, might you ask, is the judge?

I am torn because I have a sort of prologue that will take up most of the 250 words, and not leave much of chapter 1. I really like the prologue, but I'd probably rather have 250 words from the 1st chapter. WTH do I do?? =/

Guess we'll find out in my next post...happy Saturday, everyone! ;o)


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